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using a (Roger) Stone to pound: table, process, facts

Still unfinished business as the Roger Stone trial overcomes food poisoning to continue, and Trump’s possible lies to the Special Counsel may emerge. Follow @dfriedman33 for up-to-date reporting on the Roger Stone trial! And here's the story on why this trial could be bad news

An Optic(al)Collusion

How superficial has America become?  Am I to believe, that because Robert Mueller did not bare his back like Denzel Washington in the hit film ‘Glory’ or yell out of the window reminiscent of Howard Beale in the movie ‘Network’ his testimony is now to

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Back in 1990..laying all business aside

I am a regular citizen.   I used to work as a dispatcher for the Police  dept.   I got a subpoena to appear before a court as a witness regarding an arrest made on an assault charge and my witness report was part of the evidence.   I

The “Everything Terrible Trump Has Done So Far” Omnibus (Week 117)

As part of the ongoing project to catalog every awful thing the Trump Administration has done as a reference for future political arguments and whatever few posterity survives to see 2020, here’s everything awful the Trump Administration has done this week. ____________________________________________________________________________ 1336. Offered to pardon

A Lawyer's Reading of the Barr Letter

Amid all the sturm and drang (on all sides and in all directions) over the Barr Letter on the Mueller Report, I came across this WaPo op-ed by Henry Olsen, currently a  senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Granted, that is a

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Why No Plea Deal for Manafort? Because Manafort is a Blockhead.

I’m convinced that Manafort is just a blockhead.  Tierney Sneed of TPM is reporting that Manafort’s attempts to negotiate with Mueller about avoiding a D.C. trial have proven “unsuccessful.”   Now, this is from an article in the Wall Street Journal, but they vaguely claim that

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Jill Wine-Banks and Joyce Vance on Manafort Trial.

Jill Wine-Banks brought up a couple of really good points — in my humble non-lawyer opinion — on MSBNC today with regards to the start of the Paul Manafort trial. If Manafort is broke, who is paying his legal fees? If Rick Gates has embezzled all of

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Why there's more to come: Mueller and Russia

The Republicans are circling their wagons today and dancing a little dance of joy because Mueller issued an indictment that doesn’t, in fact, directly implicate any Americans as anything except idiots. And we all know that they’re quite accustomed to being implicated as idiots, so