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Iowa … that's where the tall caucus grows

Some final polls and trends before the caucuses. x FWIW, we're going to remove YouGov's poll today from our averages. What they published is really a MRP model, not a poll, and not comparable to previous YouGov polls of IA. Revised figures for top 5

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Republicans and the new defense: “We were just giving orders.”

Following the fall of the Nazi regime, and at the Nuremberg trials, certain German defendants — including concentration camp guards and bureaucrats — raised a famous defense:  “I was just following orders.”   I noticed recently that Trump and Republican have invented a new variant of the defense:

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I Ask For a Ceasefire.

Could we all just take a few moments, access our current political mess, and maybe have a ceasefire among those who resist Trump and his policies?   As to my meager qualifications for calling for a ceasefire, I offer the following about my past stances and transgressions: