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If it Wasn’t for Trump Luck…

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I look forward to this MAGA experiment ending in November and being stuffed away in a coffee can, wrapped in a sock, and buried in the backyard at noon on January 20th, 2021. This embarrassing blight on modern American politics and democracy thankfully has an early expiration date, or so we hope… The big mistake the Republican pols made was permitting Donald Trump to lead their revolution. They picked a political neophyte, with questionable riches and a dubious philosophy on—well…everything. They wanted a monster like Jim Jordan but he comes off like a student who took a speed reading course at Trump University. When listening to Ted Cruz, you do not know whether to ask for a prayer cloth or a clove of garlic. Gaetz, Rubio, and Nunes are all see-through opportunists, who in the darkness of a voting booth would never get a vote for president, even from Republicans.

So to America’s great luck, four years of racism, misogyny, invectives, and hate, punctuated by the smeared Sharpie ink of short term Executive Orders can be corrected. Trump’s political heft is only matched by his lack of intellectual heft. His heaviest lift is probably limited to raising a twenty-pound can of hair spray. He was given a list of judges, which will be his legacy, and carried it around in his pocket to wave at crowds like the guest lineup on the Apprentice. Let us be honest, Donald Trump does not know Amy Coney Barrett from the tilt-a-whirl on Coney Island or Brett Kavanaugh from his friends Tobin and Squi. He simply followed orders, which gave the GOP the hope they had their empty-headed-charismatic-political-vessel in place.

Like most Frankenstein’s monsters, except the one puttin’ on the Ritz, he turned on his creator and is now burning down the GOP village. Just imagine for a moment a Trump who really has the best words, and [is] smarter than the generals. One capable of smoothly and seemingly rationally taking away your health care, social justice, fair elections, or destroying the ozone layer with no restrictions on coal-powered manufacturing plants or car emissions. What if a Mike Pence could get a voter beyond those who self-flagellate for their sins. How about Tom Cotton who once wrote a letter to the Iranian government undermining President Obama. Senator Cotton (R-AR) along with 46 other Republican Senators including Joni Ernst, Thom Tillis, and Chuck Grassley sought to conduct foreign policy by going around the sitting president.

Mr. Cotton with his folksy Arkansas manners, Pops Grassley, Joni Ernst, and Tar Heel Thom Tillis, come off as just likable enough to destroy America while holding a corndog and a cow-chip. My point is, had one of these men or women, who believe in Trumpism, were able to stand before an audience and drip middle Americana from their lips while getting them to vote against their interest, with a compliment instead of a sneer, is dangerous. Donald Trump will eventually leave the scene, go back to scamming, grifting, and grabbing. Beware, the next elaborately coiffed, toothy Republican may be smart enough to disguise his greed, graft, and disdain for  Mainstreet.  

Vote in 2020 for Change—and your lives.                    

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