One of the more despicable senators in the US Senate now acknowledges that climate change is real after four years of kissing Trump’s ass as the know-nothing did all he could do to derail the fight against climate change and kill life on the planet.

Better late than never, but words will not stop apocalyptic climate impacts on our beautiful earth. Lindsay has, over many decades, admitted that climate change is real; he is the personification of what Meteor Blades refers to as a climate-change enabler.

Ten years ago, Lindsey worked with Senators Lieberman of Connecticut and John Kerry of Massachusetts to draft a cap and trade system.  When it came time to vote, he voted against his own bill. In 2019 Graham launched what he called the Roosevelt Conservation Caucus, which he laughingly calls the conservative alternative to the Green New Seal.

I call that kicking the can down the road trick once again, so the kids will suffer and die in mind-blowing numbers due to collapse and starvation from our addiction to fossil fuels.

No action from the GQP on the issue is selfish, deluded, cruel, and demented. You know, Republican values.

Here is Lindsey in his own words a few days ago.

Kate Sheppard writes in The Huffington Post writes on the contradictions by Trump’s golden boy.

In 2009 and 2010, Graham joined with Democrat John Kerry and independent Joe Lieberman to draft legislation that would have created a cap-and-trade system to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Graham also openly embraced the issue, arguing in January 2010 that addressing climate change “is a worthy endeavor.” And he did so acknowledging that he might get some political pushback on the issue.
“I have come to conclude that greenhouse gases and carbon pollution is not a good thing,” Graham said at the time. “Whatever political push back I get, I’m willing to accept because I know what I’m trying to do makes sense to me. …  I am convinced that reason, logic and good business sense, and good environmental policy, will trump the status quo.”
Graham consistently made the point that addressing climate would be good for energy independence, job creation and national security.
It was all well and good for a few months. But then, just days before the trio was expected to officially introduce their climate legislation, Graham walked away from the effort, upset that Democratic leadership might move on an immigration bill before their package.
In the weeks after that, things got a little weird, with Graham saying things to reporters like:

“I’m in the wing of the Republican Party that has no problem with trying to find ways to clean up our air. We can have a debate about global warming, and I’m not in the camp that believes man-made emissions are contributing overwhelmingly to global climate change, but I do believe the planet is heating up. But I am in the camp of believing that clean air is a noble purpose for every Republican to pursue. The key is to make it business-friendly.”

He also said he would vote against the legislation he spent months helping craft.
Asked to clarify his position on climate change the following day, Graham said that the “science about global warming has changed” and that he thought it had been “oversold.”
“I think they’ve been alarmist and the science is in question,” he told reporters. “The whole movement has taken a giant step backward.”

Like the weathervane he is, I don’t trust him. Please prove me wrong Lindsey, vote for the American Jobs Act.

  • April 19, 2021