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Obama: World Would Be Better Off If Women Ran It

No, Michelle Obama is not running for president, or any other office. But her husband thinks that in general it wouldn’t be a bad idea. From the BBC: Barack Obama: Women are better leaders than men. If women ran every country in the world there

Do We Really Need Obama 2.0?

Yes, we cannot criticize Barack Obama.  Democratic voters simply will not tolerate any dissing of Obama.  I’m in the distinct minority that thinks Obama wasn’t all peaches and cream, but it will be up to history to judge Obama, not some cranky old progressive from


Trumpian parapraxis: his unhinged Obama hatred revealed itself

Trump had a “surprise” interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, and other than the usual disinformation there’s another utterance about what he’d really like to do to PBO. He says this in the context of “killing” the NY Times. Trump’s envy fuels his annihilatory

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Obama goes to Wall Street

Seeing all these posts in enthusiastic support of Obama receiving $400,000 in exchange for a speech for Wall Street Bankers got me thinking.  He has every right to give the speech and to be paid every dollar he’s earned for doing so.  In truth, were