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Russia if you are listening…. Screw YOU.

The knuckledraggers are at it again.   LOCK HER UP.   Where are the emails?   Let’s subpoena Hunter.   This country is so divided and between the earthquakes, tornandoes in Nashville and coronavirus popping up all over, this is all the bums think about. Today is Super Tuesday. 

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Barr turns to familiar faces for bogus probe of Russia investigation

This is the legal landscape now before the man who must be identified as the attorney general of the United States: The unanimous consensus of the American intelligence community, the findings of the Mueller investigation, and the bipartisan conclusion of the Senate Select Committee on

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Why there's more to come: Mueller and Russia

The Republicans are circling their wagons today and dancing a little dance of joy because Mueller issued an indictment that doesn’t, in fact, directly implicate any Americans as anything except idiots. And we all know that they’re quite accustomed to being implicated as idiots, so