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DOJ actually found strong anti-Hillary bias at the FBI

Donald Trump has gone on and on about the “insurance policy” supposedly undertaken by the FBI that was allegedly meant to keep him out of office. In the process, he’s made Peter Strzok and Lisa Page household names. But the new inspector general report actually unearthed

CNN has yet another GOP problem

Last winter, CNN for weeks stood by its extraordinary and inexplicable decision to hire Sarah Isgur Flores, a career Republican Party operative with absolutely no journalism experience, to be the network’s political editor. A hardcore partisan, Isgur spent her career spinning for Republicans such as Ted

Boom! if there were an FBI coup d'etat in 2016, we'd surely know it

Ben Wittes of Lawfare outlines some questions in advance of the Monday’s release of the IG report on the Russia investigation. Advance reports indicate exoneration. href=” (1) It is important to remember the big questions and allegations that make Mr. Horowitz’s investigation important: The President has

The cat is out of the bag.

What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep   Brett Kavanaugh What a total crock of shit that statement is. It’s also an illuminating glimpse into the mindset of the rich. What it says is that the pampered, rich, entitled youth of America will

Not Sure What To Make of This CNN Story On Ramirez.

CNN reports that the FBI has interviewed Deborah Ramirez about Kavanaugh’s exposing himself to her.  Matt Shuham of TPM says of this report that Ramirez has supplied the FBI with names of witnesses to this incident: Deborah Ramirez spoke to the FBI and provided the

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The hidden landmine for Kavanaugh and the GOP.

What a ride, huh? Don't worry, I'm not going to re-litigate the last 36 hours here, how can you make something this weird any weirder? But, there is one little thing I want to point out that is a so far unreported byproduct of today's