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Amigos Adjacent: Sondland's logic remains fuzzy

Apparently Sondland did more perjury yesterday, aided by Tim Morrison, as this tweet thread by Susan Simpson reveals. Perhaps if supporting materials weren’t being withheld, we could “get to the bottom of it”. Trump’s dramatic reading is simply another audition tape for the Masked Singer.

Sondland and the Fifth: he's already waived it

It is less likely that Gordon Sondland will plead the Fifth but might seek immunity as he faces perjury, among other things. “Mob boss blaming underling”. ICYMI: Can Gordon Sondland invoke the Fifth Amendment? #MTPDaily @BarbMcQuade: "He's likely already waived that privilege. … If you

Two of Three Amigos: Volker/Sondland transcripts from House depositions

The Gordon Sondland and Kurt Volker transcripts from House depositions are available: Read Gordon Sondland’s testimony here:… Read Kurt Volker’s testimony here:… (CNN) House Democrats on Tuesday released excerpts of the transcripts of their closed-door depositions with former US Special Envoy for Ukraine