Sondland and the Fifth: he's already waived it

It is less likely that Gordon Sondland will plead the Fifth but might seek immunity as he faces perjury, among other things. “Mob boss blaming underling”.

On the issue of Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in foreign policy, Kurt Volker told the House Intelligence Committee, “He is the President’s personal attorney. I don’t know whether he was representing the President or whether he was doing his own things to try to be helpful to the President.” But in a supplemental declaration, Sondland testified that Trump “directed Ambassador Volker, Secretary Perry, and me, on May 23, 2019, to discuss issues related to the President’s concerns about Ukraine,” and that all of them, Volker included, “understood that satisfying Mr. Giuliani was a condition for scheduling the White House visit, which we all strongly believed to be in the mutual interest of the United States and Ukraine.”…

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