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Geotagging the Shayrat airbase attack: what hit and where.

Perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment, but I went ahead and geotagged the entire tomahawk strike on the Shayrat airbase.  Now you can see at a glance what areas were struck (and with what level of confidence), and (to the best that can be determined with public


Tour of the “nonexistent” damage at Shayrat airbase

While I posted the other day satellite images of the damage, today we have (thanks to pro-Russian ANNA News) the first on-the-ground pictures of what so many here in DK’s CT community insist was a “wag the dog” attack involving bombing a bunch of empty buildings and pounding sand, rather than

Daily Kos goes into full “Conspiracy Theory Mode” after attacks on Syria.

I rather can’t believe how much Daily Kos is sounding like Sputnik these days: “FEEBLE US ATTACK DOES NOTHING!”  .  It’s the same everywhere: Meh, just a couple people dead (insert-lowest-cited-figure-from-any-source). Just a old planes destroyed (insert-lowest-cited-figure-from-any-source). Hit a couple rocks, you know, nothing. They packed