Even After Being on “The Call” Tim Morrison Says He Thought Ukraine Gambit was Sondland’s Idea. BS.

Either W.H. ex-Russia advisor Tim Morrison is the dumbest MFer ever to don London Fog or he is trying to craft his testimony to Congress to excuse himself for not coming forward to report Trump’s criminality as Lt. Colonel Vindman did.

I know which side I come down on.

CNN obtained his Congressional testimony, and in it, despite hearing Trump on the phone shaking down President Zelensky and telling him he would direct Giuliani and Barr to meet with him and iron out the details of the extortion scheme, Morrison says that he thought Ambassador Sondland was the evil genius behind the ploy.



(CNN) A top White House official told lawmakers he tried to find out whether President Donald Trump told a key US diplomat he wanted Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, multiple sources familiar with his closed-door deposition on Capitol Hill told CNN.

His actions show concern inside the White House about the extent of the President’s role in the push for investigations that could help Trump politically.
Tim Morrison, the President’s top Russia adviser, had multiple conversations with American Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland. In those discussions, the ambassador referenced talks he had with the President. Morrison became concerned that Sondland was going rogue on Ukraine.
Morrison told lawmakers he thought Sondland a “free radical,” according to two of the sources. The term was a reference to cells that cause cancer.…

In his opening statement, which was obtained by CNN, Morrison contended that in late August he had “no reason” to believe that nearly $400 million in aid to Ukraine might be conditioned on the country announcing an investigation into Burisma, the company that employed Hunter Biden, until he spoke with Sondland on September. 
“Even then I hoped that Ambassador Sondland’s strategy was exclusively his own and would not be considered by leaders in the administration and Congress, who understand the importance of Ukraine to our national security,” Morrison said to lawmakers.”

While it might be true that Morrison did not know that the entire $400M dollar aid package was being held hostage from listening in on the July 25 call, he’d have to have the brain of an eggplant to hear that strong arming by drumpf and think it was Sondland’s idea.

Here’s what I think:

You can read Morrison’s entire opening statement here.

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