The raison d'être of the Republican Party for much of the past 100 years has been to slam the brakes on anything that would make the poor and middle class feel more secure and prosperous.  Look at the list of popular government programs and initiatives they’ve decried as “socialism”: unemployment insurance, Social Security,...

  • May 1, 2021

Nebraska is a deep-red state; only 29% of the voters are registered as Democrats. Governor Ricketts is a Republican, both its senators, Fischer and Sasse, are Republicans. Sasse is up for reelection this fall, but fivethirtyeight.com gives him a 98% chance of winning. You would think Biden doesn’t stand a...

  • June 30, 2020

Say what you will but this is much too late and waaaaaaay too wrong.   Florida better get that notion out of their heads real quick and in a hurry.   Quarantine people in homes is fine but don’t start that Ice like crap.  We won’t have it.   Take your #1 Resident...

  • March 22, 2020

I haven’t read Donald Trump Jr.’s new book, Daddy, Look at Me!, but I imagine it’s loaded with a Trumpload of sophistry, casuistry, and garden-variety fucknuttery. Of course, I’m not the target demographic. The target demographic is the Republican National Committee, which bought $94,800 worth of the books, presumably to give it...

  • November 28, 2019

The press is making a big thing about all of the democratic candidates raising their hands to say that they will offer health care to undocumented families. All of these people have said health care is a basic human right. The only way you can not offer health care to...

  • June 30, 2019

Pres. Obama offered his shoulder and kind words Sunday to victims and families of victims of the alleged Colorado shooter, James Holmes. What Mr. Obama said to the press afterwards was dignified and poignant. Our president can be counted on for his skill in a delicate situation. But after the...

  • July 23, 2012
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