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Ah say failson culture, son…

Darn those portmanteaus and neologisms. “…failson status is earned through a display of equal parts incompetence, stupidity, and arrogance.” Don Jr. is no Prince Andrew. Read me on the failsons of trumpworld in @thedailybeast — Molly Jong-Fast (@MollyJongFast) November 30, 2019 Donald Trump, Jr.

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We need to get rid of Cyrus Vance Jr.

I don’t care that he is a Democrat. Being District Attorney of New York County (what the island of Manhattan is called as a county —  as a borough of NYC it is Manhattan) is to hold a safely Democratic seat. I don’t care that

Trump throws Don Jr. and Eric under the bus

Who wouldn’t Donald Trump throw under the bus? He just pointed two grubby little index fingers at his sons. Would he turn Melania over to ICE? Would he cut Barron open like a tauntaun if the furnace in the White House temporarily shut down? WHO

The lid is off of the can

I used to have a favorite pet phrase when I was raising my kids. They’d do something goofy,and I’d tell friends, “You buy ‘em shoes, you dress ‘em up nice, you give ‘em breakfast, you send ‘em out the door, and wadda they do? They

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SJC Chairman tells Don Jr. to Ignore Senate Intel Subpoena

Lindsay Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the committee that passes on judges and Attorneys General, the committee that is the bedrock of the rule of law, is telling Don Jr. to ignore a lawfully issued subpoena from another Senate committee: Graham told