DeSantis considering separating families from those who test positive or show symptoms in Florida.

Say what you will but this is much too late and waaaaaaay too wrong.   Florida better get that notion out of their heads real quick and in a hurry.   Quarantine people in homes is fine but don’t start that Ice like crap.  We won’t have it.   Take your #1 Resident and put him somewhere.    Check him.   

Now I am afraid.  I won’t leave my home.  He is fullblown idiot if he thinks he can separate family members without one hell of a fight.…

Tampa Bay Times

DeSantis considers new strategy in Florida coronavirus fight: isolation shelters

DeSantis said his administration might put those who test positive for COVID-19 or show symptoms of the disease in shelters, such as abandoned convention centers or hotels, to prevent them from returning home and infecting those they live with.

It would be a dramatic change in strategy toward combating the spread of coronavirus, which has killed a dozen people in Florida.

What China started figuring out was, as much as you can believe them, people would get infected, you would send them home and they’d infect the people in their house,” DeSantis said Saturday. “Don’t go back home with your family, because the people you’re most likely to infect are those very close persistent contacts.”

DeSantis said he’s asked agencies to explore the use of such sites. Hotels have also offered their rooms and spaces to the government, he said.

You jerk, you should have closed the beaches and bars.   These would be the REAL DEATH CAMPS.  Oh Hell no !

  • March 22, 2020