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New poll shows far more people think Trump is corrupt than believe Biden is

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Donald Trump’s closing argument for another term boils down to … COVID isn’t such a big deal after all and Joe Biden is super-corrupt.

Of course, Trump has long since locked down the delusional asshole vote, but a new poll suggests he’s failed to make inroads among members of the sane community.

To wit:

The latest Yahoo News/YouGov poll reveals that a clear majority of people do indeed feel that one of the presidential candidates is corrupt — just not the one Trump had hoped.


Yup, fully 55 percent of those surveyed think Donald Trump and his family are corrupt, versus 35 percent who don’t think so and 10 percent who aren’t sure. 

Meanwhile, Biden is favored among those same respondents by gaudy 12 points — 51 percent to 39 percent:


For the record, the survey also asked voters whether they think Biden and his family are corrupt, and despite the recent full-court press from The New York Post and Fox News, it appears that only members of Trump’s troglodytic base are buying the stale Hunter Biden shtick.


That’s a pretty big corruption gap, man.

We’ve seen Donald Trump operate for four years. He was impeached over a corrupt attempt to influence the election, and he’s often worn his corruption on his snotty COVID sleeve.

The attempt to paint Biden as a sleazy politician on the take has always been lame and desperate — much like IMPOTUS himself.

Let’s finish this.

Give Joe a boost, and let’s bless him with a Democratic Congress.

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