Rudy tells Trump 'I got more than you can imagine' in Ukraine

Inspector Clouseau is back from his farce-finding trip to Ukraine, and he tells Donald Trump that he found more than Trump “can imagine.”

I don’t think he fully comprehends the depth and breadth of Trump’s imagination, but whatever. Donald Trump will believe anything, so long as he wants to believe it. You could tell him Joe Biden has invented an everlasting gobstopper that he plans to give out to poor brown people in exchange for their votes, and he’d send a squad of Navy SEALs to steal it.

Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani and Trump are like grade school chemistry lab partners who think they’ve found the Higgs boson in their $4 science fair baking-soda volcano. Because they’re geniuses, as you well know.

The Hill:

President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told the president that his trip to Ukraine produced “more than you can imagine,” a source told The Wall Street Journal.

The former mayor of New York returned to the U.S. Saturday after visiting Kyiv for the first time in two years to interview Ukrainian officials and gather information.

Giuliani is attempting to make a documentary TV series that shows justification for Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden as well as Kyiv's role and potential interference in the 2016 general election.  

I’m sure that TV series will be really informative and balanced. Aim for the stars, Rudy. I’ll put it in my Netflix queue somewhere between Marriage Story and The Human Centipede 3. Though, to be honest, probably a lot closer to the latter.

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