Jarvanka is at Individual-1's side, because nepotism has too many syllables

The biggest leaker of them all: Jarvanka will throw all kinds of folks under the bus. Jarvanka thinks that because Barr prevented the Mueller report from reaching them, that they won’t at some moment be held accountable in the aftermath of the Trump regime’s attempt to destroy US democracy.  They remain a target of opportunity. But before then, all kinds of people like Rudy and Mick Mulvaney will get thrown under buses. De Jure will eventually crush de facto.


Is Individual-1 the “senior official”? Or is it Jarvanka?


— jim manley (@jamespmanley) October 21, 2019

President extended his middle finger when the astronaut about 250 miles above earth had the temerity to offer correct information to his misinformation:…

Even as Trump felt put upon by Ivanka forcing him to talk to women astronauts, one can see the badly construed attempts to cover the unwinding scandals.

Many aides have said Mr. Trump — a real estate developer for whom the presidency at times seems like his second job instead of his primary one — had an understandable motivation for choosing Doral: He wanted to show off his property to a global audience.


— Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) October 21, 2019

Pushing the Doral site also threatened to hurt the United States’ standing globally, legal experts said, in light of decades worth of efforts by the United States to combat corrupt practices by other foreign governments, according to Jessica Tillipman, a lawyer who specializes in the so-called Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

“This is no different than any other corrupt leader of an oil-rich African country who is taking money from the government and taxpayers,” Ms. Tillipman said.

Scholars who have studied the history of Group of 7 gatherings — dating back to their start in the 1970s — said they could cite no other time when a president effectively attempted to force global political leaders to pay his or her family money at a resort owned by the head of state.


And then there will be all those insecure communications.


And then there’s this bit of nepotistic contradiction.


They will turn on each other as dimwitted narratives keep failing. 

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