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Did You Know That Elizabeth Warren Is a GREATER Threat To The Country Than Donald Trump?

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That great Republican sage from Utah — Mitt Romney — gave an interview in which he basically said that conservative Republicans think that a President Elizabeth Warren would hurt the country more so than Donald Trump. 

I wanted to let that sink in for several moments.

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney told Axios’ Mike Allen in an interview with “Axios on HBO” that he believes Republican lawmakers stay quiet on their Trump criticisms for fear of losing the Senate or the presidency to Democrats, especially Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Romney freely admits that elected Republicans are terrified of being primaried if they utter a bad word about their Dear Leader.  But a bigger catastrophe for the nation would be the lose of the Senate and the election of Elizabeth Warren to the presidency.  

“But there’s another reason, which is more elevated. And that is people … genuinely believe, as I do, that conservative principles are better for our country and for the working people of our country than liberal principles and that if Elizabeth Warren were to become president, for instance, or if we were to lose the Senate, that it would not be good for the American people.”

Where to even begin?

Conservatism is what got us Donald Trump.  Conservatives have been running campaigns since Reagan that have shipped American jobs overseas, transferred wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy, stymied a transition from fossil fuels that now threatens the planet with a climate change crisis, created an opiod crisis, and made racism and white nationalism mainstream.  These Republican policies lead DIRECTLY to Donald Trump sitting in the White House.  

But a President Elizabeth Warren would “not be good for the American people”?

Trump is contributing to the climate crisis, blowing a whole in the federal budget to reward those who don’t need the money, actively sabotaging what little healthcare that Americans have, and is now tanking the American economy.  

But Warren would be worse, according to Romney.

And we haven’t even gotten to the bottom of how Trump is selling us all out to Putin, who Romney claimed was an enemy when he ran against Obama in 2012.  Did you forget about the Romney?  Putin has Trump by the balls, but Warren would be worse than Trump???

Fuck you and that high horse you rode in on Mitt.

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