Noble gaslight gets the Pulitzer — it’s weirder only because he’s made the same mistakes before and makes his fixations more obvious.



— Peter Sagal (@petersagal) April 26, 2020

The @WSJ, for its uncovering of the illegal hush money payments the President made to the porn star with whom he had an affair, prior to the election:
The Arizona Republic and USA Today TV, for their examination of the realities of Mr Trump's “big beautiful” border wall:

The @NYTimes and @washingtonpost, jointly for their investigations into Russian interference into the 2016 campaign and how the Trump Campaign welcomed it, encouraged it, and tried to cover it up:

The @washingtonpost again, specifically to @Fahrenthold for his investigation and exposure of the years of fraud and self-dealing at the Trump Foundation. (My favorite!)

I am excluding stories or photos about things connected to the Trump era but not specifically about him. Still, whatever he's done for the country and the world, Mr Trump has been very good for journalism. 

Was it the Russia3 reporting or was he set off by some other reporting?

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