SC-Sen: DSCC Launches Seven Figure Ad Buy To Help Jaime Harrison (D) Take Down Lindsey Graham (R)

Some very good news out of South Carolina today:


Here’s some more info:

Jaime Harrison is one of Democrats’ top fundraisers, which, on its own, isn’t enough to put his race in the top 10. But that, combined with Graham’s personal vulnerabilities, Harrison’s support from Black voters, and recent polling, makes South Carolina officially a battleground state. Of course, it's also a red state, and it might come down to whether outside groups invest in a final push there. Given their other options—Texas, Alaska, and Kansas—they could get the most bang for their buck in South Carolina.

Yesterday, Quinnipiac confirmed this race is tied:


So let’s keep up the momentum to flip South Carolina Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Harrison, Biden and their fellow South Carolina Democrats campaigns:

Jaime Harrison

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