Oh, boy! Mike Lindell's MyInsaneElectionDocumentary is out! Oops, no it isn't!

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I haven’t watched this whole thing. I might some day, when I’m done with all of Kirk Cameron’s Crocoduck videos. Or maybe 20 years from now when I have to prove to myself that the so-called Trump era wasn’t just a regrettable consequence of languidly tongue-bathing psychedelic toads like Lik-M-Aid at a slumber party.

Aaaaaannnnnddddd … literally as I was writing this, the video got pulled.


Maybe he can post it on this Twitter account.

Erm, no, guess not …

I’m sure you can find it somewhere. Apparently OAN is airing the video in full. Because Lindell paid them to. And OAN promptly issued this disclaimer, because even they know Mike is a major nutloaf:


Anyway, you won’t miss much.

At the beginning, he mentions the mystery of the ages: How come Trump was so far ahead in the middle of the night on Election Day and then ended up losing all those states he was originally leading in? 

Seriously, Mike Lindell still doesn’t get this. He still claims Trump got so many votes it “broke the algorithm.” Whatever the fuck that means.

And then he mentions the thousands of ‘illegal aliens’ who supposedly voted in Arizona, and that was enough for me.

Oh, and I’d heard this was supposed to be a three-hour documentary, but it was clearly two hours. If you can’t tell the difference between two and three, maybe you shouldn’t be questioning the vote counts. Just a thought.

So YouTube took the video down because they wanted to censor MySchadenFriday. But you can rest easy knowing Mike relied on nothing but the most accurate information and a slew of top experts.

Like her, for instance:


— Parlertakes🇺🇸 (@parlertakes) February 5, 2021


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Ah, Mellissa Carone. Half star witness, half boozy Muppet. 

God bless America.

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  • February 5, 2021