Funny how Q-Republicans now think $300,000/year is a lot.

Reading up on the Vote-A-Rama on the COVID-19 Relief bill I was shocked, shocked I tell you that  Republicans were objecting to families earning up to $300,000 per year might need some extra money, they thought that was too high a salary? Wow.

They worried about exploding the deficit? They never did, please tell me I’m wrong.

I mean, when they want to explode the deficit they usually think people over $300,000 per year are suffering terribly and desperately need a tax cut. Deficit be damned.

I wonder  how much Republican tax cuts have cost the US since Reagan began the trickle down apocalypse from the economic disparity engendered.

The Pandemic has been a real earner for the billionaires, how about a windfall tax to pay for the tiny $1,400 checks?

OMG Femi, do you really want to see Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos in the queue at the food bank, you damn socialist!!

Don’t get me started on the minimum wage of $15/h dear god that might stop millionaires from becoming billionaires, and you would damage the food banks by rendering them obsolete, you damn heathen where is your soul!

Actually I’m more of a “tax the rich” kinda gal.

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