Gonna be busy days for Rudy and the Three Amigos, as his agitprop materials sent to the State department become more available.

With the alleged smear campaign in mind and wanting “to be cautious,” (John) Sullivan turned over the package, which he deemed not relevant to Yovanovitch’s removal, to the State Department’s inspector general to determine its accuracy and who it came from.

Democrats leading the impeachment inquiry were later briefed on the packet of disinformation. They described the materials, which contained unproven claims about former Vice President Joe Biden, as “propaganda” and “debunked conspiracy theories and baseless allegations.”

Giuliani later admitted on CNN that he was the source of the package.


Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday swiped at President Trump‘s nominee to serve as ambassador to Russia after he said in a confirmation hearing that Giuliani was involved in a “campaign” opposing the administration’s former ambassador to Ukraine.

Giuliani hit back at Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan in a pair of tweets, claiming Sullivan “doesn’t know what he’s talking about and shouldn’t be incorrectly speculating.”

“This is an orchestrated attempt to harass and hinder me in my role as @realdonaldtrump’s attorney,” Giuliani tweeted. “All of the information I obtained came from interviews conducted as private defense counsel to POTUS, to defend him against false allegations.”


“I was aware that Mr. Giuliani was involved in Ukraine issues,” Sullivan said. “My knowledge — particularly in the April, May, June time frame, even into July — was focused on his campaign, basically, against our ambassador to Ukraine.”

Sullivan also told lawmakers that he became aware of a packet of information about Yovanovitch that was supplied to the State Department counsel. He said it was told he came from “someone at the White House” but that he didn’t know who was responsible for producing the packet.


American Oversight’s requested records include senior officials’ communications with Giuliani and other associates, or about Giuliani’s efforts with regard to Ukraine, as well as records related to the recall of U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Yovanovitch, who was fired in May 2019, a move she testified was pushed by both Giuliani and the president. American Oversight has another lawsuit against the State Department for records from former Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker, and this week we sued the Department of Energy for records related to outgoing Secretary Rick Perry’s contacts with Ukrainian officials, as well as those of his successor, Deputy Secretary Dan Brouillette.

“Despite the ongoing obstruction of Congress, the Trump administration will now have to start releasing records concerning its dealings with Ukraine,” said Austin Evers, American Oversight’s executive director. “This is an important victory for the American people’s right to know the facts about Ukraine, and it is a major setback for the White House’s stonewalling. The court recognized the importance of these documents and the need for the State Department to rapidly release them, and American Oversight will continue fighting to make sure the truth comes out.”

American Oversight has submitted more than 50 Freedom of Information Act requests to multiple federal agencies seeking documents related to the Trump administration’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to launch a political investigation. More details on American Oversight’s investigation and lawsuits can be found here.



  • October 31, 2019
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