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Looks Like House Democrats Are SERIOUS On Public Impeachment Hearings.

What do I mean by serious?  The House Rules Committee passed a resolution for how the next phase of the impeachment inquiry will be held, and the resolution makes it clear that House Intelligence Committee chair will empower one of their staff lawyers to question the witnesses for no longer than 45 minutes.  Republicans will be able to have one of their staff question witnesses for the same duration.  This will be done FIRST before any member gets his precious five minutes of questioning.  

Thank God.

Accoring to John Heilemann, who was one The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Speaker Pelosi does not want another flop of a public hearing as occurred when Corey Lewandoski appeared before the House Judiciary Committee.  During the first phase of that hearing, Lewandoski regularly gave the middle finger to the House Democrats.  And because the House Judiciary has some of the worst Trump supporters on it, the hearing also featured the Republicans acting like monkeys throwing their own shit at Democrats.

Lewandowski gets a rhetorical alley-oop from a fellow Trump acolyte

After a break in the mid-afternoon, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz — otherwise known as the congressman who threatened Michael Cohen on Twitter — was first-up to ask the former Trump campaign manager questions. Rather than do that, Gaetz wanted to speculate on the motives for Democratic lawmakers’ lines of questioning, something he cannot do under House rules. So he threw a lob to Lewandowski, who said: “I think they hate this president more than they love this country.”

Republicans were showing their “good faith” about the impeachment inquiry with their attempts to derail it during this House Rules Committee markup.

Throughout the markup, Republicans aired complaints that they were not included in the drafting of the resolution. Rep. Tom Cole, the top Republican on the Rules Committee, noted that he didn't see the resolution until it became publicly available.
“It's a sad day here,” the Oklahoma Republican said in his opening statement.
Asked during a break in the markup if he should have collaborated with Republicans on the resolution to try to find common ground, Rep. Jim McGovern, the Massachusetts Democrat who chairs the Rules panel, expressed skepticism.
“Let's be very clear about one thing,” he said. “Their sole mission is to circle the wagons around Donald Trump. They're not interested in the truth.”

We will still have shit throwing by Republicans, but it will be done after the witnesses have already been questioned by each sides staff.  In other words, the cat will already be out of the bag and on TV.  And the ring leader of Republican sabotage will be Nunes, but we won’t have the loudest and most rancid shit throwers like “Gym” Jordan or Matt Gaetz.

Although I expect Gaetz to be in the back of the room trying to use his evil eye to intimidate the witnesses.  Good luck with that asshole.

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