Senator Tester makes it clear he could support Ted Cruz & Josh Hawley’s expulsion from Senate.

Montana Senator Jon Tester has made it clear that he will not hesitate to expel Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley from the Senate for insurrection.

Senator Jon Tester serious about Ted Cruz & Josh Hawley expulsion

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Jon Tester wrote an op-ed in USA (AZcentral) titled “Sen. Jon Tester: Members of Congress who incited Capitol riot must be held accountable,” where he did not mince his words. He wants all 13 of the traitorous Republican Senators who were complicit in the insurrection to pay the price for their unpatriotic actions. He wrote:

The Capitol is a beacon of hope, which I share with colleagues, staffers, custodial workers, reporters, woodworkers and law enforcement officials, among thousands of other Americans.

In the aftermath of that armed insurrection, it is our duty to hold everyone involved accountable to our laws and history — not just President Donald Trump and the violent rioters he incited, but also the members of Congress who enabled him.

A few days before the violent insurrection, as the president pressured Georgia’s Secretary of State to find enough votes to overturn his election loss, 13 of my Senate colleagues took the shocking step of announcing plans to challenge the outcome of the election.

But Tester was not done with that. He made it clear that these people should all be considered traitors.

If traitors to our democracy aren’t held accountable, we will fall under siege again. And if that happens, it will unfold with better planning and even bloodier results.

Tester called the action for exactly what it is.

On Wednesday, our democracy was on the line. Up close and on live TV for everyone in the world to see. The insurrection of the U.S. Capitol was domestic terrorism, plain and simple.

And he lays out the task at hand. The traitors must pay a price.

Let’s declare war on unchecked power. Let’s demand courage, accountability, and truth from our leaders. Let’s call phonies for what they are, including those who wrap themselves in flags before burning America down.

And to my colleagues who helped set off this tragic set of events: I urge you to take an honest look in the mirror and accept responsibility for the damage you’ve done.

The future of our fragile democracy depends on it.

I did not expect this level of candor from Senator Jon Tester when referring to his colleagues. It is refreshing and necessary.

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  • January 12, 2021