Local GOP claims Warren's DNA test as useless as Dr. Ford's recollections

The long knives butter knives Play-Doh knives are coming out for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who had the temerity to take a DNA test incontrovertibly proving what she’d always said was true, but which our pr*sident has still refused to accept: One of her ancestors was a Native American.

Of course, Donald Trump, who perpetually mocked Warren over the claim and is now reneging on the $1 million prize he promised her for proving it, decided to go on the offensive instead of admitting he was wrong (and an asshole) all along. Not content to viciously attack just one woman on a random Tuesday, Trump tweeted this yesterday:


Well, the test also said she could be as much as 1/32nd Native American, but let’s not quibble, because it’s really not the point.

The point is, Trump said he’d donate $1 million to charity if Warren proved exactly what she just proved. Another point? Trump and his entire family once claimed he was Swedish, even though he’s German.

But facts and word definitions and consensus reality no longer matter to the Republican Party. All that matters is raw power and bullying. And the Swedish Chef (the bad version) is their hero.

The latest example? Yesterday, the Republican Party of Marathon County, Wisconsin, posted the following on Facebook. It was preserved for posterity by state Rep. Katrina Shankland.


So, there’s that. 

Given all that’s transpired over the past month, you’d think Republicans would want to put the whole Kavanaugh thing behind them. But no, they’d rather taunt women and their delicate, tiny, impressionable, soap opera-addled brains. “Yes, I see you’ve got rock-solid scientific evidence backing up your claims, but I asked for two sugars with this coffee, not one, doll face.”

Have fun with that, Republicans.




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