Received this e-mail today from VoteVets in support of Amy McGrath’s (D. KY) U.S. Senate campaign:

Poll after poll is showing Amy McGrath in a statistical tie with Mitch McConnell. That’s great news because it means everything this team is doing to get Amy elected and send Mitch packing is working… but there’s still a lot of time between now and November and anything could happen.

Mitch McConnell showing vulnerability in his poll numbers means he’ll be sinking millions of dollars into keeping his stranglehold on the Senate. It’s up to us to fight back.

VoteVets is the largest organization representing veterans and military families and fighting to get veterans elected at every level of government, so we’re uniquely positioned this cycle to make a massive difference.

Click here to split a donation between VoteVets and Amy McGrath’s campaign to send Mitch McConnell packing. Your contribution will ensure we can keep up the work that put Mitch McConnell on the ropes — like running ads on television and online to spread Amy’s message of leadership.

Mitch McConnell’s approval ratings in Kentucky are at an all-time low and Amy McGrath is within striking distance of winning this seat.

But if we’re going to be successful, we need to go all-in — right now.

A contribution of any amount contributes to the grassroots energy that Amy will rely on to win in November, so we appreciate it if you can chip in today.


Click here to donate to McGrath’s campaign.

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