There is all this reporting on a recent early Phase I trial success with eight, EIGHT, human subjects.  I have not read any released reports on trials with Macaque monkeys, which might question its efficacy. Because the United States has refused to be part of the international consortium we have not idea if it has been approved as one of the most promising vaccines going forward. Currently there are over 100 attempts to find a vaccine and it seems only seven so far have been identified as most promising (four of them in China). Is Moderna one of the seven (there is one U.S. vaccine but I am not sure whose it is. Moderna seems unlikely because of their track record, but it is possible.

Meanwhile one of those most promising has advanced to phase II (still a long ways away from mass distribution). The study, with preliminary results (macaque monkeys) published in Science is one of the seven.

From wikipedia,

Clinical trials started in 2020

COVID‑19: candidate vaccines in Phase I–II trials
Vaccine candidate
Technology Phase of trial
Location Duration References
and notes
(CanSino Biologics, Institute of Biotechnology of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences)
recombinant adenovirus type 5 vector Phase II interventional trial for dosing and side effects (500) China March 2020 to December 2020 [51][52]

Our decision not to join the consortium may be our biggest mistake. We are wasting resources and following every shiny object.  Including shiny objects means to inflate stock prices. Will Trump even accept and help make a vaccine developed in China when it won’t help the stock market? Or will he say we should wait for an American cure?

I don’t know who will come up with a vaccine, and God bless them when they do. But our behavior has been abominable and I worry we will pay a price. And we don’t even know it because the media is chasing shiny objects and throwing them into our faces.

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