Florida Man's perfect phone call was anything but impeachable … it was “wonerful”

In a WaPo op-ed. Paul Waldman spells out how inevitably impeachable Trump made his “perfect” 25 July phone call.

President Trump loves superlatives, so here’s one: His July 25 conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky may have been the single dumbest, most damaging phone call in the history of the presidency, if not in the history of telephonic communication itself.

Without that phone call, Trump would almost certainly not be on the road to impeachment right now. And yet, somewhere in his addled mind he still believes it was, in the word he has used so many times, “perfect.”

Everybody knows I did nothing wrong, Trump said in a new interview. “Bill Clinton did things wrong; Richard Nixon did things wrong,” Trump continued. They did things wrong. I did nothing wrong.

In reality, when the history of the Trump impeachment is written, we’ll look back and say it all could have been different if he just decided not to pick up the phone that day.

That isn’t to say that his actual impeachable offenses, even just with regard to Ukraine, were restricted to that call.

As we now know, he set up an entire shadow foreign policy run through his deranged personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the purpose of which was to pressure the Ukrainian government to open an investigation that could be used to damage Joe Biden.

  • November 1, 2019
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