Four Key VA State Senate Districts Surveyed and Democrats Lead by 14%…

The Judy Wason Center polled four key State Senate districts that may determine control of the Virginia legislature in the November 5th election and found that Democrats lead the generic ballot by 14%. When asked who do they want to control the legislature, Democrats win by 13%.

Independents prefer Democratic candidates by 45% to 32% and want Democrats to control the legislature by 45% to 36%.

When asked about their likelihood to vote, 93% of Democrats said they “definitely would” vote  as compared to 87% of Republicans.

…  This survey aggregates responses from voters in four competitive Virginia Senate races: SD 7 (Virginia Beach/Norfolk); SD 10 (Chesterfield/Richmond); SD 12 (Henrico/Hanover); and SD 13 (Loudoun/Prince William). We judged these competitive under our Partisan Voter Index, which assesses the partisan tilt in a particular district by comparing that district’s outcomes to statewide outcomes in previous elections. This survey is not a poll on each contest, but an aggregated look at the voters in these key districts. “These districts could tip control of the Virginia Senate, and these voters’ views suggest how the competition is going statewide as we approach Election Day,” said Quentin Kidd, director of the Wason Center.

Virginia, which is the 12th largest state, has a Democratic governor, but both houses of the legislature are controlled by Republicans, 21-19 in the state Senate and 51-49 in the lower house. 

The survey also asked about the impeachment inquiry which voters in the districts supported by 55% to 42% as “the right thing to do”.

  • November 1, 2019
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