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CNN is saying he can win Electoral and lose popular by 5 Million. Still win. What then?

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I am very concerned.   Electoral today is 353  Biden to 185 Trump BUT the post office dillema can change all of that tomorrow.  I have always believed Electoral needs to go.  This will be total Chaos if this happens.  

What are we prepared to do.  Voting for sure but having it fair is a whole other issue.…

The most immediate question these imbalances raise may be whether the wave that is building against Trump and his allies is big enough to overcome the structural barriers that have entrenched Republican control of Washington. Hardly any operative in either party believes Trump has a realistic chance of winning the popular vote; but that doesn't mean he can't squeeze out another Electoral College win, as he did in 2016.

He is rigging the election and setting up for a win to keep from going to prison but that does not mean…..WE SHOULD THROW UP OUR hands and not vote.

If he pulls all this and turns us completely into a Banana Republic, then people will revolt.  Make no doubt about it .  1000 deaths a day just isn’t enough.

Trump is also starting his birtherism against Harris but that won’t work .  The wall , imo, was never about keeping immigrants out.  It was always about keeping us in.  That problem is solved now that we can’t go to other countries.  All of this is by design and designed by a crazy man and his crazy followers.   

Doctors including Fauci and Redfield are sounding alarms but we are less than 90 days out.  What can states do?  What can we do?

Trump admits he’s blocking postal Service Funding to stop mail in votes.

This is Block the Vote.   

 President Kennedy said this:


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