The more the public considers and digests the Mueller report, the worse Donald Trump and his gang of merry dickheads look.

But the only lesson Republicans seem to have learned is “keep pointing fingers and braying like asses.”

But Adam Schiff brooks no nonsense. The House Intelligence Committee chair rightly refuses to back down on his assertion that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia “in plain sight,” and now he’s calling out Trump and the GOP over their blasé attitude toward the brazen (and “welcomed” in certain circles) Russian attack on our country.


And then there’s all that obstruction, which was even plainer and arguably more egregious.

If only we could get every American to read the full Mueller report, just once. Or, barring that, shove Sean Hannity into a spider hole with a lifetime supply of Jim Bakker pancake mix, a grainy nude photo of Trump, and a Costco semi-trailer truck full of Jergens lotion.

But that’s probably too much to wish for, at least without vomiting.

So for the time being, try to take comfort in this:


I’ll take impeachment, and I’ll also accept a sound reelection defeat. We can work toward both. We’re good multitaskers, right?

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  • April 27, 2019