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Doonbeg residents give Mike Pence a rousing Irish hello

What? Crypto-fascist wannabe theocrats aren’t as popular in Europe as the U.S.?  x Mike Pence expected to arrive in Doonbeg shortly. Hopefully gardai can manage the large crowds. — Ian Begley (@IanBegley_) September 3, 2019 Is that the saddest thing you’ve ever seen, or

FAIL: Nikki Haley's blatant power grab didn't go over well in Trump's orbit

Not counting his die hard dead-enders, everyone can see that Donald Trump is in big reelection trouble. The one thing keeping Trump afloat—the economy he inherited from President Obama—has been sabotaged with Trump’s own reckless trade wars and his trillion dollar deficits. Meanwhile, Trump’s obvious mental deterioration has

Trump offers condolences like an alien reptile-man would

WTF is this, Kodos? x Highest Condolences! Thank you V.P. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 24, 2019 Highest condolences from the Supreme Regent of Altair IV to the symbiotic podmates of the fallen Earthli … er, brave American soldiers! He is so, so, so,

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Mayor Pete – a thought exercise

This will be brief. It is NOT an endorsement of any kind. It is merely a “what of” — imagining a possibility. It is provoked in part by watching Mayor Pete over the last few weeks. It is also provoked in part by now having