Post-riot Quinnipiac poll: 75 percent think democracy under threat, 52 percent want Trump removed

Our last two Republican presidents were all but tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. I can’t imagine why anyone would want another one. It’s like buying another Pinto after the first two spontaneously combusted in your face. (That’s a really old reference, I grant you. If you want to hear some clever riffs on Tip O’Neill’s haircut, DM me. Actually, don’t. Because I’m bluffing. My Tip O’Neill material is pretty played.)

Anyhoo, while George W. Bush blithely went on to paint whimsical cat pictures after leaving a flaming brown bag of poo on Barack Obama’s doorstep, Trump is leaving us with a liberal democracy that’s hanging like a baby tooth on a wispy shred of gum. 

And—lo and behold!—people are noticing.

The Hartford Courant:

Nearly 75% of American voters believe United States democracy is threatened, and more than half say that President Donald J. Trump should be removed from office, according to a new poll.
The latest national survey by Hamden-based Quinnipiac University says only 21% of registered voters believe American democracy is “alive and well.’'

Make America great again! By killing democracy itself!

While 52% say he should be removed from office, 45% say he should not. On a separate question, 53% say he should resign, and 43% say he should not.

Considering that Trump’s already handed in his two weeks’ notice (begrudgingly, of course), it’s pretty remarkable that a majority of Americans still want him removed immediately. Like, right fucking now.

Quinnipiac didn’t ask survey respondents about locking him in a bunker with a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke and a giant tub of snacking lard for the duration, but I have to think they’d have at least gotten a plurality on that question.

Trump’s job approval has reached its lowest level, tying the numbers reached in August 2017. Only 33% approve of the job he is doing, while 60% do not. That represents a sharp change from December 2020 when 44% approve of the job he was doing.

Wait, did they ask whether they approve of the job he’s doing as president or as an enemy of the state, because he’s been simply brilliant at the latter. 

I’m not sure whether to be encouraged or disheartened by these results. On the one hand, 33 percent of the country still supports this Machiavellian ghoul, whereas I just deliberately slammed the other hand in walk-in freezer door out of frustration. 

So there you are. A snapshot of Trump’s popularity, post-coup attempt. It’s a mishmash, to be sure.

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  • January 11, 2021