In April of 2009, former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned that a burgeoning crop of former American military right-wing extremists would be marching down the throats of democracy someday, and Republicans choked on the truth. Ms. Napolitano was so ostracized by right-wingers, who ironically labeled her actions traitorous, that she was forced to issue an apology, for what turned out to be an accurate appraisal. It was not that Ms. Napolitano’s opinions were objectionable, it was that she said them out loud. Only blacks and Muslims and President Obama could publicly, subjectively, and acceptably be accused of being separatists.

Since that time, the right-wing has let loose with such a string of anti-diversity and anti-government rhetoric, that Robert H.W. Welch Jr., the founder of the John Birch Society would blush with envy. The Bircher(s) some might contend were the forerunners to QAnon, believing that a communist lurked around every corner and the Deep State cabal was controlling our government. Sans the baby-blood-drinking Democrats the latest iteration of daft is not new. So on January 6, a guy calling himself the QAnon Shaman, dressed in a fur costume and horns, as if he were auditioning as the mascot for the Village People, along with a band of murderous misfits attempted to overthrow America, excuse me, not their America.

The right-wing has proven twice [Bush and Trump] in the last four presidencies they cannot govern. Mitch ‘Grim Reaper’ McConnel, realized long ago and admitted that anti-everything is the best political strategy for a party that makes promises to the “white working class” but only delivers for their cronies.  Tax cuts were not for the guy who pumps gas they were for the guys who drain your wallets. For ten years the right-wing promised health care that would be the working man’s dream, instead, we have a pandemic nightmare and promises to take your health care away. The right-wingers who promised an AR-15 in every pot, coward behind their desk when the fury they have unleashed came gunning for them.

I guess those good guys with guns were not enough to stop a mob. The same guns the right-wing promises to give Miss Crabtree at your local elementary to save our children. Our children could have taught Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to duck and cover, they have been practicing for years. Or maybe Congressional Republicans can carry see-through Halliburton(s) until we determine whom we can trust. I want to be positive, when the Westboro Baptist Church protested dead war heroes, the public was awakened to its bastardized and twisted religious fervor.          

Maybe at some point, the anti-woman-autonomy, anti-Muslim, anti-black, anti-healthcare, anti-gay, and anti-Latino faction of the party will stop getting the respect of Republicans just for their vote. Like Twitter; is it time for a little self-examination? Maybe the recognition of hate groups like Westboro, or the Proud Boys, will act as a warning that the attack on the Capitol may be the moral salve we need to apply to our gaping wounds of intolerance.  

Vote for Change.


  • January 11, 2021