I have to admit, this is a strategy that never occurred to me: burning your own absentee ballot application to protest too much voting by the other side.

This should become a national movement. Show them what you’re made of, Trump fans. You’re no fools!

So, yeah, Grand Rapids, Michigan, MAGAs were apparently sent into a rage over steps to ensure ease of voting in their state, and so they TOOK TO THE STREETS. (This is what conservatives deem worthy of protesting: their inability to eat at Applebee’s and their ability to avoid dying two weeks after exercising their right to vote.) 

The Detroit News

The applications were burned Friday during an event called Operation Incinerator outside the DeltaPlex Arena in Walker. Many people had flags, shirts and signs showing support for President Donald Trump and Republicans.

“For them just to issue them without merit, without request to absolutely everybody — that is a great waste of taxpayer money,” said Michael Farage, president of the Grand Rapids Taxpayers Association.

The applications are being sent to 7.7 million people at a cost of $4.5 million — an amount that’s covered by federal funds and roughly equals the bill for a few Trump golf trips.

Don’t know if their protest had a corporate sponsor, but I’ve got some ideas for them:

Can’t wait until they slash their own tires and pour sugar in their own gas tanks so they can’t get to their polling places on November 3.

Then I’ll really feel humiliated.

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