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Last chance this week to get rid of anti-Semitic, hateful Democratic incumbent supported by GOP

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The primary IS the election in Legislative District 14 in Jacksonville, Florida. Kim Daniels is the Trump-supporting, right-wing, DEMOCRATIC incumbent in this dark blue district. (You read that right.) She is also one of the worst people in the world. The GOP loves her and funds her. I have written about her before, but just to give you a run down of how truly awful she is:

  • She’s unethical, a bigot, and corrupt as hell.
  • She is anti-labor and anti-women’s health.
  • She’s also a hatemonger who rails against women’s rights and the LGBTQ community.
  • She is very pro-Trump. She believes Trump’s critics are witches and warlocks.
  • She is also the pastor of her own “church” with its own set of controversies. (Actually, she refers to herself as an “Apostle”.)  She claims to be an exorcist.
  • She also claims to be a prophet, and said prophets like herself knew Hurricane Irma was coming, but that it was “God’s will.”
  • Divorce proceedings revealed the depth of her hustle, and the “church’s” role in financing  Kim’s extravagant lifestyle.

Daniels is also blatantly anti-Semitic and pro-slavery.

Here are actual things she has said in public:

And you can talk about the Holocaust, but the Jews own everything!

I thank God for slavery. … If it wasn’t for slavery, I might be somewhere in Africa worshipping a tree!

For the longest time, the Florida Democratic party wouldn’t get involved against an incumbent, even one this awful. Thankfully, that has finally changed. They are putting their support behind her primary challenger.

Angie Nixon, challenging Kim Daniels

Angie Nixon entered the race on March 7. She’s very well known in Duval County as an active community organizer, and stepped down as the first vice chair of the Duval County Democrats to run. Nixon is a real progressive, and she has also been field director for multiple social justice organizations across the state. She has wide support, from the progressive 90for90 organization to the more conservative Florida Chamber of Commerce, which has had enough of Daniels’ brand of crazy.

Her website is  

Please HELP.  We have to win this one. Remember, the primary is the entire election here, as there is no GOP challenger.  (Why would there be?)

We need a serious influx of help to combat her GOP money as well as get the word out about her between now and the Aug. 18 primary.

This is an easy victory if we can get the word out. Let’s make Duval County sane again!

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