Former Conservative Republican Bill Kristol: Biden must succeed. I haven't voted GOP since Trump.

Former Conservative Republican Bill Kristol did not mince his words as he disparaged Trump’s Republican Party, which for all practical purposes, he has left. He has been on this necessary crusade for some time.

Bill Kristol makes his case against the Republican Party

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Bill Kristol is a conservative stalwart. He is the director of Defending Democracy, a Fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics Kennedy School, and the editor at large at The Bulwark. We all recognize Mr. Kristol as the ardent defender of conservative positions on every TV and radio network and at conferences throughout the nation. It is for that reason that his turn against his former party is of utmost importance.

I watched and listened to Kristol in just about every media outlet for decades. He had me pulling out my hair both when I had it and didn’t have it.

I attended a Bridge Alliance conference in Washington DC in 2018 doing my independent journalism spiel. He was one of the featured speakers. While he was walking to the stage as I was recording, I had preconceived notions of what he would say. I was completely wrong as he began then speaking about more practical conservatism and working with progressives. But his disdain for what the Republican Party had allowed Trump to do to their party was palpable.

Bill Kristol has been doing the rounds on network and cable TV to nudge the party in the right direction. To date, he has not been successful. There are many other bona fide conservative Republicans that are joining him.

Donald Trump lashed out as more than 150 senior Republicans threatened to form a new party if the GOP doesn’t disown him.

The new group is being led by Trump critics Evan McMullin and Miles Taylor and is calling for a major reform of the party.

The move came after congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming was stripped of her House Republican leadership position over her criticism of Mr. Trump’s fraudulent claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

While Kristol is not a signatory to the group, his sentiment is with them. But he is clear that in these times, the choice must be binary,

“I’m friendly to those guys, to the people who signed that statement,” Kristol said. “I didn’t sign it myself. It goes a little far for me in the third party direction, whereas I think I would be worried that just to set up a third party would divert voters’ attention from the fact that probably in 2022 and 24, we have a binary choice really. And the choice is the Biden Administration and a Democratic Congress.”

Listen to the entire interview, It is rather enlightening. After the main interview, we discussed conservatism. I was surprised by his take on redistribution and Medicare for all. Our YouTube subscriber members can watch it here.

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  • May 15, 2021