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Don't eat the fake yellow snow because social media breeds American stupidity

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Sublimation; all that is solid melts into air, as QAnonists, among others spread ignorance about something, something Deep State controlling the weather. The same people who faked the Moon landing must have done it on the other side of Flat Earth.

  • Conspiracy theories about the snow in Texas keep spreading online.
  • TikTok videos show people claiming that snow should melt when heated. But it actually turns to gas.
  • The videos baselessly questioning whether the snow is real follow a conspiracy theory that spread in 2014.

As power returns to homes in Texas after a rare winter storm, TikTok is full of videos spreading the bogus claim that the snow is fake and was engineered by the government.

Many of the TikToks show someone burning a snowball with a match. When the flame hits the snow, the snow does not melt — the TikTokers claim this indicates the snow is abnormal. In reality, all snow reacts this way. Through a process called sublimation, the solid snow turns into a gas.

While many of these TikToks take place in Texas, some are coming from the United Kingdom.

The bizarre weather in Texas, which has been linked to climate change, threatened the state’s electricity infrastructure and forced power shutoffs that left millions of people in the freezing cold for days.…

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