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DFA Mounts Pressure On DCCC To Overturn Rule To Blacklist Firms That Work With Primary Challengers

Received this e-mail today from Rep. Ro Khanna (D. CA-17) on behalf of Democracy for America:

Rep. Ro Khanna (D. CA-17)

I'm asking for your help to stop a horrible DCCC decision.

The DCCC has announced a new policy to penalize vendors and consultants who work with primary challengers. It amounts to a blacklist that significantly weakens the Democratic Party and it's a slap in the face to voters who are sick of the status quo.

Representatives Pramila Jayapal, Mark Pocan, and I met with the DCCC Chair Rep. Cheri Bustos earlier this week to express our outrage and get the decision overturned, but it's clear she needs to hear directly from the grassroots.

The DCCC is paying close attention to the reaction on social media. Will you send a message on Twitter to DCCC Chair Rep. Cheri Busto calling on her to end this new anti-democratic practice?

Yes, I'll send a message to DCCC Chair Cheri Bustos.

No, I'm not on Twitter, but I'll fight back by supporting DFA's work to overturn this terrible decision.

The truth is that Beto O'Rourke, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley or I may not have made it to Congress if the DCCC had these rules in place in previous cycles.

We all won competitive primaries helping to create the most progressive and diverse Democratic caucus in history.

This new DCCC policy would have a chilling effect on new ideas and make it harder to elect new leaders. It would also put us out of step with voters who are tired of D.C. politicians holding on to power at any cost.

The DCCC needs to hear from you! Will you send them a message today?

Yes, I'll use Twitter to send a message to DCCC leader Cheri Bustos

No, but I'll chip in to support DFA's work to overturn this terrible decision.

Thank you for taking action. You have my word that I'll keep working with progressives in Congress to overturn the DCCC decision and prioritize voters and the grassroots.

– Ro Khanna

Click here to Tweet DCCC Leader Cheri Bustos.

Click here to donate to DFA.

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