Beto O'Rourke Expands GOTV Operation To Now Target All 254 Counties To Flip Texas Blue


Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate, Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D. TX), on behlaf of his organization, Powered by People:

I'd like to share some news with you.

As you may know from previous emails I've sent you, our work to register and turn out voters in Texas has gone really well, exceeding our expectations.

Over the last two months, thousands of Powered by People volunteers have stepped up to help us reach the Texas voters who will decide the most important elections of our lifetime. Our volunteers have made over 1.2 million calls and, just since July 1st, have sent over 4 million individual texts to voters across Texas. We're reaching out to all corners of the state, encouraging folks to register to vote, and talking to current registered voters in rural, suburban, and urban Texas.

Just this past Monday we had so many volunteers on our voter contact phone bank that we made over 316,000 phone calls in one night.

In fact, this work has gone so well that we will now be able to significantly expand our organizing and outreach ahead of the November election. With the growing number of volunteers who've signed up to call and text for us and the fundraising success we've had so far, we believe we will have the capacity and budget to call and text every single Democrat in Texas for whom we can find a phone number.

That's right — Powered by People will not only be working in competitive State House districts, we will be expanding our organizing to every single one of the 254 counties of Texas, calling and texting every single Democrat to make sure that we help lead the largest voter turnout program in the history of the state.

In addition, we will also continue to pursue a voter registration effort that combines sending voter registration forms by mail with follow up phone calls to likely Democrats who are currently unregistered. We've helped register nearly 50,000 likely Democrats so far, and we're just getting started.

This means that our Democratic candidates will be armed with a list of confirmed voters, with confirmed phone numbers, in every single State House district in the state. They will also be the beneficiaries of tens of thousands of net-new voters to the rolls.

In the midst of this pandemic, unable to knock on doors, hold rallies and town halls, and totally dependent on phone-to-phone field work, Democratic candidates in Texas won't have to waste time calling bad numbers or Trump supporters, because our volunteers will have made the millions of calls necessary to cull the list of extraneous numbers and return a verified, usable list of Texas Democrats that we can turn out during early voting and on election day.

That will go a long way in helping our candidates win important State House races and a new Democratic majority ahead of redistricting in Texas. And perhaps most importantly, when the Biden campaign makes a decision to invest big in Texas this fall (making the most of the clear opportunity to win Texas' 38 electoral college votes), we will ensure that they can plug into a state-wide voter contact database to efficiently and effectively pursue turnout. This will dramatically improve our chances of winning Texas for the Democratic nominee for President for the first time since 1976.

But we can't do this important work without your help — and with November just months away, we need your support now more than ever. Can you make a contribution to Powered by People today?

Your support and your faith in our ability to help organize Texas have made this possible. I hope you will continue to contribute, continue to volunteer, and continue to keep the faith by keeping it going.

Yours in getting this done,


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