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RNC in Florida.. It will be a disaster I predict.

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It boggles the mind.   Anyone with half a brain would be terrified to come to Florida during a pandemic but especially with the Idiot in charge of Florida and hurricane season bearing down.

Now the RNC is talking about moving it outdoors.  Really?  What are these people on?  Seriously?  Do they get up in the morning and pop a virtual reality pill and sing O Happy Day?  Do they take advice from their 3 year old kids or grandkids, you know the same kids who say, Oh you are beautiful and look the say way you did when we were born?  Orange man’s donors spent a lot on North Carolina and Carolina dodged a red bullet but now they are still going to have to wear masks.  I don’t think thousands can social distance but in North Carolina they were not getting sued.   Ha.  All sorts of folks in Jax are suing the RNC and the city over health concerns and rightfully so.…

The lawsuit, brought by Jacksonville residents who live and work near VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, where the convention is set to be held, argue that the convention will be a “nuisance injurious to the health, welfare and property rights” of the plaintiffs and “result in massive spread of Covid-19 among the persons in attendance and throughout the City of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.”
The plaintiffs point to President Donald Trump’s non-socially distanced Tulsa rally and repeated refusal to wear a mask or practice social distancing to illustrate why the convention would pose a public health risk, alleging that Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s “standard practice” is to “eschew safe Covid-19 practices.”
If the convention cannot be shut down entirely, the plaintiffs call for limiting attendance to only 2,500 people—instead of the 12,000 to 15,000 attendees currently expected—and imposing health guidelines like masks, sanitizing and having police presence at the convention to enforce social distancing.

Well we have several lawsuits covered, so check that one box and then look at the date of the convention.   Now look at the past hurricanes that rolled into the Atlantic.   Man oh man, it is just July and we had one helluva storm inland last night and it was just a storm.  No tropical anything attached to it…The weather forecasts for the rest of this week is calling for more storms, lightning strikes and high winds.  No tropical storm is in the area, just two systems coming together from a low pressure after all this heat.  ( Record breaking heat).  August is the hopping month for hurricanes.  ( Especially the latter part of August).  Sea temperatures have been averaging around 90 or above.   There are people actually pouring ice in their pools to keep it more like pool instead of warm baths.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 with the peak period from early August through the end of October. … Hurricanes coming from the Atlantic can impact vacations on the Southeast coast, all of Florida, and along the Gulf Coast from the Florida Panhandle to Texas.

“Three storms have formed each August, on average, over the past 69 years,” Erdman says in a column. “One or two of those later would become hurricanes, with one becoming at least Category 3 intensity in a typical August.”

More than 85 percent of all hurricane activity in the Atlantic Basin occurs after the middle of August.  

Some consider Aug. 15 as the “real” start to hurricane season. To others, like former FEMA administrator Craig Fugate, it’s synonymous with the start of football season.

According to NOAA.…

Say, there is no hurricane that hits, let us look at some real hard facts.  The heat will be almost unbearable.  For everyone who attended  a DK meetup in central Florida back in 2014 at the beginning of August, it was miserable with the heat.   We held the meetup outside and inside and even with the air blowing full blast, fans running on high as well, the minute one stepped outside, it took your breath and trust me we did not even have 100  people here much less thousands.  It took a lot of planning for that meetup and it was just a Daily Kos Meet and Greet.  Sem Dem ran the computer for virtual legislators to speak to us all and he stayed inside most of the time.  ( He was lucky)  I was back and forth and some of our disabled folks HAD to stay inside. 

 We had candidates running for office going back and forth talking to people and they were dressed in ties and coats and it was uncomfortable I am sure and I would never plan another meetup in August.  We had people in the kitchen and dining room serving cool soft drinks, tea, and food and even the  fruit salads were taking a beating from the door being opened and shut from the house to the patio.  It was cooler inside for sure but the temperatures that day hit 94.   This was early August….. Not the end of August.   There was no pandemic and it was a cooler summer than this year.  After the bonfire that evening and festivites were over, one heck of a storm hit later that night.  Lightining and thunder and then the rains came for about two days.

The RNC is scheduled for August 24 through 27th.   Not only are they creating a nightmare for themselves but with the pandemic, Florida is running out of hospital beds.   If a hurricane hits, people will be scrambling for shelter and I bet you two to one no one has thought of the planning of a tree through a convention window or roofs being blown away,  no beds for any with heat strokes or trying to evacuate or even a power outage.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?   

There will be some people who say, “ Well good, we hope it is a bust”.  Well, the people of Florida will have to pick up the tab and pay the ultimate price with the RNC coming to Florida during a pandemic.  There is no guesswork there like the hurricane that may come.   Florida is suffering and all those people coming to Florida is nothing but deadly.  They may drop some balloons.   They will fly away I predict.  I predict that RNC will be a bust in more ways than balloons. 

Anyone who decides to hold a convention of thousands in a city riddled with a pandemic in hurricane season and record breaking heat does not deserve to lead a cow to pasture, much less a country, and that is not even counting all the other stupid and corruption up to this point and time.   It takes some real stupidity to have a party in the middle of a storm that has already hit and another  one more than likely brewing in the Atlantic.  All of this get togethers convention for an orange man to say he is the greatest and hear a few chants of Lock someone up.  I am so glad the Democratic party is much smarter than this.

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