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another Trump lie: “Portland has been burning for many years, for decades it's been burning”

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More Trump nonsense, perpetuating a lie, and Trump will bring it Tuesday to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

America has always been at war with Eastasia. Portland and Kenosha. You’d think someone would have noticed all those decades of a burning Portland. then again “Trump says Biden is controlled “by people who are in the dark shadows”.

#TrumpCaravans seem vaguely familiar. Flags and all.

Trump is scheduled to spend 1 hour and 45 minutes in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Trump doesn’t plan to meet with Jacob Blake’s family during Kenosha visit

Trump will visit “property affected by recent riots” and an emergency operations center.

#TrumpCaravans seem vaguely familiar. Flags and all.

‘Photo-Op for White Nationalist President Isn’t Helpful,’ Says Wisconsin Dem

We can stipulate a few things as we get underway here. One is that there have been incidents of violence in several U.S. cities this summer, including looting and arson. Another is that some of those incidents have followed or accompanied protests focused on police accountability and race. Another is that most protests that have occurred over the past few months have not resulted in such acts.

We can also stipulate something relatively noncontroversial: The president of the United States is, as of writing, Donald Trump.

In other words, the violence that has occurred has occurred with Trump in the White House. Which makes it quite hard for Trump to argue that the United States must reelect him in November so that he can constrain the violence. If it is unconstrained currently, and he is president currently, it’s not clear how his being in the White House necessarily makes things better.

All of this derives from one central tension: Violence is occurring while Trump is president. As with everything else, Trump insists it’s not his fault, just as the faltering economy is the coronavirus pandemic’s fault and just as the pandemic is China’s fault. Since it’s not his fault, it has to be someone else’s, and it’s useful to say that the fault lies with Biden and the Democrats.

Again, no one argues that violent acts have occurred. Where disputes arise is in scale: Trump and boosters such as Fox News’s Tucker Carlson often conflate violence and protests broadly, while Democrats draw distinctions. Disputes also arise regarding culpability. Trump claims that there’s nothing he can do about the violence and a lot that Biden can, so the president argues that he should be reelected so that he can do something about it while Biden wouldn’t.…



Trump compares killing an unarmed black civilian to missing a three foot putt in a golf tournament…


On the eve of his visit to Kenosha, Pres Trump cited the police shooting of Jacob Blake, asking whether the police could have “done something different?” “Couldn’t you have wrestled him?” the Pres told @IngrahamAngle. But then said, “he might have been going for a weapon.”

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