Received this e-mail today from former Presidential candidate, Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D. TX), on behalf of his organization, Powered By People:

We’re trying to do two big things that haven’t been done in a long time.

1. Win a Democratic majority in the Texas House (last time that happened was in 2000).
2. Win Texas’ electoral college votes for the Democratic nominee for President (last time that happened was in 1976).

They’re both important.

Win the State House, and we can begin to dismantle the infrastructure of voter suppression and have a seat at the table for redistricting in 2021.

Win the 38 electoral college votes and it’s game over for Trump and Trumpism — and the electoral landscape of this country is forever changed to our advantage.

If either of these things were easy, or simply a matter of money, we’d have achieved them by now.

But when you’re up against decades of Republican control, generations of voter suppression and the inertia of a national party that looks at your state more like an ATM than a battlefield — nothing about this comes easy.

As important as this work is, as big as the payoff will be, as much as we need the help, when you’re campaigning in Texas you quickly come to realize that there is no cavalry, no one is going to ride to the rescue and save the day.

That’s up to us. We are the cavalry. And it’s the tough, grinding work of registering and reaching out to voters — one at a time — that Powered by People is doing that will help us win these elections.

We could use you in this cavalry.

Even if you have never volunteered before, or have been too busy until now, this is the time to sign up. And I’m not asking you to do anything I won’t be doing. I’ll be on every one of these phone banks to Texas voters, right next to you.

When you are trying to take back the Texas House and turn the biggest battleground state, every vote will matter, every registration will matter, and everyone is needed to make this happen.

So, can I count on you?


Click here to RSVP.

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