7-Days of Christmas GIFT GIVEAWAYS

So what we missed the first 5 days. Our 12-Days 7-Days of Christmas GIFT GIVEAWAY starts today! Each day we will pick one winner for the next seven days. So start creating content to get raffle entries! The more you post the more entries you get. There's no cap!


Gaffes on Fox?

So one of the many Fox commentators "thinks" - and I use that word with great reservation about Fox - that Stephen Colbert should write them a check.


Sony's Basic Problem: IT Security

Just about a year ago my bank debit card got caught up in Target's giant IT security crisis. I never had any fraudulent purchases charged to my account and eventually the bank issued me a new card.


Facebook May Be Cutting Off Third Party Web Sites

Given that Daily Kos has developed a close inter-tie with Facebook, anything that might be in the works to disrupt that relationship is potentially interesting news here. I don't spend much time on Facebook and have never tried to figure out all the complexities of who sees what.


Why doesn't it feel like the Holidays? Is it just me?

I should have taken my 9 year old's Princess costume off Halloween night and drug out the Valentines and Valentine list.  Is it just me?   I do not see hardly any lights adorning the neighboorhood.   I have dreaded and got it mostly done but hated every minute of