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So what we missed the first 5 days. Our 12-Days 7-Days of Christmas GIFT GIVEAWAY starts today! Each day we will pick one winner for the next seven days. So start creating content to get raffle entries! The more you post the more entries you get. There's no cap!


Sony's Basic Problem: IT Security

Just about a year ago my bank debit card got caught up in Target's giant IT security crisis. I never had any fraudulent purchases charged to my account and eventually the bank issued me a new card.


Facebook May Be Cutting Off Third Party Web Sites

Given that Daily Kos has developed a close inter-tie with Facebook, anything that might be in the works to disrupt that relationship is potentially interesting news here. I don't spend much time on Facebook and have never tried to figure out all the complexities of who sees what.


Why doesn't it feel like the Holidays? Is it just me?

I should have taken my 9 year old's Princess costume off Halloween night and drug out the Valentines and Valentine list.  Is it just me?   I do not see hardly any lights adorning the neighboorhood.   I have dreaded and got it mostly done but hated every minute of


Global Economic Slowdown Hitting Developing Countries

At the moment the economic picture in the US could be described as mildly encouraging. The US economy as officially measured by GDP began recovering from the great recession in 2010. The picture improved for Wall St. and the stock market, but not so much for ordinary Americans.


Us Opens Door To Normal Relations With Cuba

The Obama administration has initiated a diplomatic process that is sure to make a bunch of right wing heads explode. After almost 60 years of building a wall between the US and Cuba the possibility of a thaw is on the horizon.


Upside Downtrodden - episode 104




Americans Support Torture

Pew Research has just published a poll on opinions about the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on torture. It is depressing but not really surprising that there is majority support for the program.


PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 12/14/14 Edition

Received this e-mail from Decorated Admiral, former Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate, Joe Sestak (D. PA), regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator Pat Toomey's (R. PA) weekly newsletter:


Being Dick Cheney Means Never to Having to Say "I'm Sorry."

Old Faithful Beltway Mediamade time available for America's Torturer-in-Chief; this is a shining example of everything that is wrong with our political/media system in Americ


Why I'm Against Net Neutrality

President Obama expressed his strong support for net neutrality during his visit to China last month.  Here, briefly, is why I disagree.


Oh Poor Noah's Ark Theme Park! I Knew Thee Well!

One ray of sunshine among a litany of depressing political news this week was the announcement by Kentucky’s Tourism Arts & Heritage Cabinet Secretary Bob Stewart that Ken Ham's Noah's Ark theme park would NOT get 18 million dollars in tax payer subsidies from the state of Kentucky.


Obama Plays Race Card -- And Wins

Like Jacob Marley's ghost whose chains were forged in life, link by link and yard by yard, could there be a better metaphor for the shackles Republicans have fashioned for themselves than their petulant calls to impeach the President or, better yet, to slam the Capitol's doors in his face sho


A Different Way To Think About #blacklivesmatter.

Welcome to Poplitickal!

The thoughts of a Neo-Pagan, Pop Culture loving geek, avid reader, and political junkie. Smush all that together and stir and you get Poplitickal, a spicy stew that doubles as a floor wax.


A More Violent America: Rising Support For Gun Rights

In the process of participating in the numerous discussions about police violence and black men I had been thinking about the connections to this and the battle over gun control.


Why I Donated Money To Daily Kos

I had a gift subscription that I didn't go looking for. I just got an email informing me that I was being allocated one from funds donated to the site. Recently I got another email advising me that the gift subscription was about to expire.