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Right Wing Round-Up - 9/28/16


Aaron Rupar @ Think Progress : Troll armies rig polls to deceive you into believing Trump won first debate. Joan McCarter @ Daily Kos : Trump denies saying not paying taxes 'makes me smart' an hour...Read more


Right Wing Bonus Tracks - 9/28/16


Janice Crouse is not happy about adult coloring books being used for therapy: "I was rather disturbed because I think it shows a great failure in our culture to instill any kind of religious values...Read more


Rick Joyner: Climate Change Is A Communist Plot


In an appearance yesterday on “ The Jim Bakker Show ,” televangelist Rick Joyner said that he is now between 98 and 99 percent confident that climate change is a myth that it is nothing more than an...Read more


Michael Savage's Latest Conspiracy Theory Debunked


On Monday afternoon, conservative talk radio host Michael Savage learned that his program was not running as usual on a major New York radio station that day, prompting him to claim that he was being...Read more


Jim Bakker: Hillary Clinton's Election Could Usher In God's Wrath


Televangelist Jim Bakker warned yesterday that Hillary Clinton ’s election could lead to God’s wrath on American and the country “could reap horrendous times” if voters make the wrong choice in...Read more


Ken Ham: Christians Who Believe In Evolution Follow A 'Pagan Religion' & Invite God's Judgment


Ken Ham, the head of the Creationist group Answers In Genesis and founder of the Creation Museum, joined conservative radio host Janet Mefferd last week to discuss a new book about evangelicals who...Read more


Savage: Hillary 'Was Like A Sumo Wrestler Who Won The Debate Right From The Beginning'

Conservative radio host and Donald Trump ally Michael Savage said on his program yesterday that he couldn’t finish watching Monday’s presidential debate because he knew early in the evening that...Read more


'Catastrophist' Glenn Beck Now Says It's His Job To Merely Warn About What 'Could' Happen, Not What Will Happen


Glenn Beck fancies himself something of a prophet tasked with the responsibility to constantly warn of impending chaos and collapse , claiming that he is right nearly 80 percent of the time and that...Read more


John Guandolo: Muslims Working In Hotels, Buying Gas Stations To Prepare 'For A Jihad'


Disgraced FBI agent turned anti-Muslim activist John Guandolo joined VCY America’s “ Crosstalk ” program last week, where he warned that Muslim Americans are taking jobs in hotels and buying...Read more


Trump's Fans Declare Unscientific Online Polls To Be The New Gold Standard


During the presidential primary season, it was always amusing to watch Donald Trump tout his massive leads in online polls, the notoriously unscientific surveys in which participants can vote more...Read more


'And You Wonder Why They Call Us The Great Satan': Rick Scarborough Rails Against U.S. Embassies Flying The Rainbow Flag


Vision America's Rick Scarborough spoke at a " Pastors Appreciation Brunch " in Orlando, Florida, last week , urging the pastors in the audience to get involved in politics and to mobilize their...Read more


Mat Staver: Roy Moore Faces The 'Death Penalty'! (Of His Career)


Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is currently facing trial before the state’s Court of the Judiciary after a judicial ethics panel called for his removal from the bench due to his efforts to defy the...Read more


Mat Staver: Christians Must Vote Trump Because Clinton Will 'Bury You By Destroying The Republic'


On today's "Faith and Freedom" radio program, Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver declared that Christians must vote for Donald Trump in November because Hillary Clinton will destroy America. Staver likened...Read more


The Great Debatables

If you tuned into the debate on Monday evening hoping for a major surprise of some kind, you were surely let down. The whole affair was entirely predictable from my point of view. There was no major...Read more


Right Wing Round-Up - 9/27/16


PFAW : The Numbers Make Clear: Republican Senators Still Refuse to Do Their Jobs. Marge Baker @ The Hill : What 2016 means for the Supreme Court’s path on money in politics. Think Progress : Trump’s...Read more


Right Wing Bonus Tracks - 9/27/16


Glenn Beck is among those being sued by the father of Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested last year for bringing a homemade clock to school. Gee, who could have seen that coming ? Joseph Farah reacts to...Read more


Pat Robertson: 'Demonic' Dungeons & Dragons 'Captures' Its Players


Today on “ The 700 Club ,” Pat Robertson issued yet another warning about the perils of Dungeons & Dragons, this time after a viewer claimed that “really weird things” started happening in her...Read more


Trump's New Pro-Life Adviser Doesn't Want To Talk About Contraception


Yesterday, The Telegraph published a largely sympathetic profile of Marjorie Dannenfelser, the anti-choice leader who is now heading up Donald Trump’s new “pro-life coalition.” Dannenfelser’s...Read more


Gordon Klingenschmitt: Providing Chelsea Manning With Gender Reassignment Surgery Is Unconstitutional 'Government Castration'


On a recent episode of his "Pray In Jesus Name" show, Gordon Klingenschmitt reacted to the news that the Army will pay for gender reassignment surgery for Chelsea Manning, who is currently in prison...Read more