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Six dead including shooter in Milwaukee

Molson-Coors brewery campus had an active shooter situation, now secure. Early reports indicate a workplace shooting where ex-employee carried a .45 pistol. x FIRST ALERT UPDATE: Two law enforcement sources tell WISN the suspect is a former employee who was fired. A police sergeant on the

SARASOTA, FL - NOVEMBER 07: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds up a rubber mask of his face during a campaign rally in the Robarts Arena at the Sarasota Fairgrounds November 7, 2016 in Sarasota, Florida. With less than 24 hours until Election Day in the United States, Trump and his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, are campaigning in key battleground states that each must win to take the White House. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

save a stock market, don't cough on Trump

Cooties! Sinophobia! Trump White House Resists Calls To Appoint A Coronavirus Czar (Jared Kushner?) (and he tries to blame the Democrats for the stock market drop) x After HHS Sec. Alex Azar says he doesn't currently anticipate a czar to be appointed to coordinate the government's

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ABC reporter suspended for expressing personal beliefs

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews remains on the air as ABC capitulates to another James O’Keefe stunt by suspending a reporter for expressing their personal political views in private. x ABC News suspended correspondent David Wright after he was secretly recorded by Project Veritas calling himself a

The Nuisance of Nuance

I am a Democrat, not a moderate, a liberal, a progressive or even a Democratic Socialist, but a Democrat. The Democratic candidates must learn to communicate the art of nuance and not treat it as a nuisance.  When Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders nuanced an


Hurricane Sharpie Wipes Out Coronavirus

Trump really hates it when reality gets in the way of his fantasies. When Hurricane Dorian was threatening the southeast coast, Trump mistakenly included Alabama in a tweet, and Alabama residents, who had thought they were not in its path, started to panic. NOAA Birmingham,