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Pat Quinn Gets Fracking Valentine

Cupid delivered a Valentine's Day message about fracking to Governor Pat Quinn. Rising Tide Chicago posted video and pictures of Cupid's visit to Quinn's office with the message that the relationship between fracking and Illinois is a “bad romance.” It partly reads, “The Hydraulic Fracturing

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Video: Why Illinois Regulation Won't Make Fracking Safe

A disturbing new video of poisoned water, leaking oil rigs, and lax enforcement at Illinois oil wells highlights why proposed fracking regulation won't protect the state's environment or people. The Greenpeace interview with a southern Illinois native and former oil worker shows a fracking test

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A Simple Message for Michigan Politics

I've been told by a reliable source that a picture of Dick DeVos once appeared on his daughter's Facebook page very briefly before it was deleted. The picture showed DeVos on a boat while on vacation, very drunk and wearing a pink feather boa. It's

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A Real Pro-Life Policy

On December 11, 2013 the state legislature in Michigan voted on a petition measure titled, “No Taxes For Abortion Insurance.” The petition, circulated by Michigan Right to Life collected signatures telling people this was to make sure tax dollars didn't pay for abortions through the

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Unwrapping Bethlehem

If you like short diaries because they get the message across without much fuss, here's one for you. In London – central London, not some out-of-the-way little suburb – St James Church near Piccadilly Circus has given a bit of its churchyard for use as


Merry Fracking Christmas, Governor Quinn

Elves erected a fracking well on Governor Pat Quinn's lawn earlier today in recognition of his enthusiastic advocacy for launching an Illinois fracking boom. No more artificial green for Quinn this Christmas. The public are finding out his promise to make fracking safe is a