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Are Trump's Cult Rallies Breeding Grounds for the Coronavirus?

On Wednesday Donald Trump held a press conference wherein he typically underplayed the risks of the spreading coronavirus (Covid-19). He repeatedly portrayed it as being effectively under control, which is not remotely true. He even contradicted the officials he introduced as the team he was

Coronavirus: First repeat patient recorded

Japan is now reporting that a female tour-bus guide has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Normally, individual infections aren’t news at this stage of the virus’s spread. Except that this patient was already being counted in the “recovered” population. She had contracted the disease initially in January, received

Six dead including shooter in Milwaukee

Molson-Coors brewery campus had an active shooter situation, now secure. Early reports indicate a workplace shooting where ex-employee carried a .45 pistol. x FIRST ALERT UPDATE: Two law enforcement sources tell WISN the suspect is a former employee who was fired. A police sergeant on the

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ABC reporter suspended for expressing personal beliefs

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews remains on the air as ABC capitulates to another James O’Keefe stunt by suspending a reporter for expressing their personal political views in private. x ABC News suspended correspondent David Wright after he was secretly recorded by Project Veritas calling himself a


#MeToo Harvey Weinstein guilty on 2 of 5 counts

Weinstein was remanded into custody. He also will have to be transported to stand trial in Los Angeles. Harvey Weinstein was convicted of rape and a criminal sexual act in New York, more than two years after allegations against the Hollywood power broker sparked the

Trump Threatens Schiff, Who Is Not Impressed

A WaPo story just out: Trump makes veiled threat toward Schiff over classified briefing on Russian 2020 election interference President Trump on Sunday made a veiled threat toward House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff, claiming without evidence that the California Democrat had leaked information

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Things really important to me

First an apology. My post yesterday on my decision to vote for Warren (which I did at about 9:45 AM) and to contribute to her campaign ($100 online) was my first posting here in more than a month. Some may remember that in mid-November I

How far will you go to save our democracy from Donald Trump?

Have you ever considered what happens when Donald Trump loses in November? One year ago, his former attorney Michael Cohen testified before Congress that Trump would not accept electoral defeat this upcoming election. Sadly, he’s probably right: If there’s one thing Trump has been consistent about, it’s

So I've finally made my choice

It is late for me to “decide.”   It is even later than usual for me to to vote.  I can and usually vote absentee in person on the first day possible —  I live in Virginia but work in Maryland so I have no trouble