Why are peace protestors not surrounding Fox News? They push the propaganda that incites violence.

Why is Faux Fake news not being brought to heel with chanting and pushing the truth of BLM?

Fox indeed  does carry the water for Trump. They carry the water for racists.  Fox promotes division and hate.

Protestors missed the mark with CNN and should have protested Fox.  They should at least occupy for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

They may tone down their rhetoric if protestors make sure they are pointing to the right news source.  CNN is not the problem.  Fox is.  

Fox and others are using the old George Soros crap,

If you have the stomach …listen to this crap.

There is a narrative for racism and it is being carried daily by Fox News and other RWNJ claiming to be REAL Americans.   They praise and forgive police brutality.


Conservative commentators such as Tucker Carlson and Charlie Kirk are using their platforms to suggest the protests against the killing of George Floyd are a sham because, they say, few black people are murdered at the hands of the police, though their arguments overlook key elements of what most demonstrators are saying.


As nationwide protests continue over the police killing of George Floyd and related issues of racism and police brutality, Fox News has featured three times more police than members of advocacy organizations during guest appearances in its coverage. While CNN and MSNBC have either led with advocates’ voices or invited on equal numbers of law enforcement officials and advocates, Fox’s law enforcement guests have greatly outnumbered those who work for advocacy organizations.

According to Media Matters’ internal database, which covers weekday cable news programming, from May 26 through 5 p.m. EDT on June 4, Fox News has hosted three times more current and former police officers than advocates — 48 police guest appearances compared to only 15 advocate appearances. Alternatively, MSNBC hosted far more advocates than police in its coverage, with 73 advocate appearances and 30 police appearances. CNN’s representation was nearly even at 35 advocate appearances and 36 police appearances in its coverage.

I have a question.  Protest organizers, who do you think the racists listen to?  FOX !

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