WA-Gov: Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) Helps Climate Hawk Gov. Jay Inslee (D) Secure A Third Term

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D. WA) in support of Governor Jay Inslee’s  (D. WA) re-election campaign:

Gov. Jay Inslee (D. WA)

These last few months have driven home the importance of governors.

Across the country, state leaders have stepped up to lead the fight against COVID-19, especially when national leadership has been lacking. Here in Washington, Governor Jay Inslee has repeatedly been praised as an example of measured science-driven leadership, while Trump has embraced chaos and petty name-calling.

Stepping up to lead is nothing new for Governor Inslee. Since Trump was elected, Jay has repeatedly pushed back against the administration's misguided and discriminatory policies. And he's been a national leader in the fight to protect our environment for future generations.

All this while President Trump has hurled insults at him time and time again on Twitter and on TV — and Republicans are falling in line behind him. Jay is one of only four governorships Democrats are defending this year, and the Republican Governors Association has more than $51 million to spend to flip this seat.

We need to do everything we can to keep Jay in office. Make a donation of $5 or more right now to support Jay Inslee's reelection as governor of Washington.

Jay has long been a national leader in the fight against the climate crisis. He's proven time and time again in Washington state that what works here can and should work anywhere — from increasing investment in clean energy to eliminating coal-fired power plants. He knows that to make a big impact we need to take big steps.

Now, he's turned that same energy toward protecting Washingtonians from the effects of COVID-19. During these chaotic and uncertain times, Governor Inslee has set a national example of thoughtful, steady leadership — a sharp contrast to the mess in the other Washington.

But while Governor Inslee is focused on protecting Washington, he must still stand for reelection this fall. There has never been a time when strong, thoughtful leadership is more necessary than right now, and it is critical Governor Inslee has the resources he needs to win reelection.

Support a national leader by supporting Jay Inslee's campaign for reelection as governor of Washington: Donate $5 or more right now.

Thank you,

Maria Cantwell

Click here to donate to Inslee’s re-election campaign.